We are two interior design aficionados who have recently been asked to write a blog … A first for both of us who – while quite talkative – are not really used to sharing ideas with the entire world. But, here we are and we will give it a try!

Both of us have lived on several continents and thoroughly enjoy thinking about interesting interior design ideas, their integration across cultures, design eras, and practical necessities. We are currently studying interior design remotely and are (or have been) involved in several residential design projects in the past in various corners of the world – among others in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, and the US.

The plan is to add something to this blog whenever we find the time and have something interesting to share. Once in a while, Natasha (Sabine’s daughter) who is studying architecture (course 4) at MIT will make a contribution, too. Apart from that we will share with you interesting reads on the topic as often as we can (please refer to the “KASAREADING” sidebar) …

We hope you are going to enjoy our site.

If you have any questions and/or would like to contact us directly, pls send your message to: kasaglobalinteriors@gmail.com

Looking forward to your comments and see you soon!


Katherine, Sabine & Natasha


KaSa Global Interiors

Out of the country – Out of the Box
Please note: If not indicated otherwise, all photos published in this blog are the property of KaSa Global Interiors. Thank you!

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