LED/Wax Candles Which Are Just Plain Gorgeous

Creme colored flameless candles

Cream-colored flameless candles

Hong Kong. When I recently went to our local spa to get my pedicure done, I was asked to wait in their waiting area for a few minutes. The atmosphere in that place was – as can be expected – very calm and relaxing. The typical spa music was playing in the background, some hand-made ginger lemon tea was served and the lights were dimmed. Or so I thought. When I looked around, I did not see any electrical light fitting, just candles: small, big and really tall ones. All flickering lazily along.

Upon closer examination I noticed, however, that while they were made from wax, these weren’t any candles at all. They did not have a flame, in fact there was nothing burning inside. The light came from an LED bulb, built into a thick wax shell and could be switched on and off.


Burnt wick, no flame!

Most amazing to me was, however, the effect. The light they radiated was warm and actually felt very real. That these candles were made from wax was an extra plus. I also liked it that there was no artificial flame; just a wick that seemed to have made its way deep into the candle’s body so that it looked like as if the flame had already eaten itself deep into the candle interior. It did not harm that a pleasant vanilla aroma suffused the room …

The US company which makes these candles is Candle Impressions: http://www.candleimpressions.com. They come up with new designs all the time, but their flagship product (and my personal favourite) seems to be a plain (white or cream-coloured) wax pillar – the one I had seen at the spa. The candles are battery driven and either manually operated or through a timer.  Practical, safe and beautiful. Ideal for powder rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas – and families with children …!

Cheers, Sabine

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